Dr. B. R. Ambedkar
Founder Chairman,
People's Education Society, Mumbai

To create sound technical manpower with global compititiveness, morality and social sense.

  • To provide state-of-art technical infrastructure and motivate students to realize their own potential.
  • To promote anembellished academic and congeniaal environment to students for a complete for a complete learning experience.
  • To promote intellectual,moral and democracy to ensure all round development of the students.

  • 14 Dec 2012
    Important Notice
    This is to notify that, the students whose EBC Scolorship is sactintioned for the year 2011-12 and yet not received in their respective bank account should send an application addressed to Shri Ramdasji Athawale, Chairman, People's Education Society(Mumbai) at the following address:
    348, Anand Bhavan,
    Dr. Dadabhai Navroji Road,
    Fort, Mumbai, 400 001.

    The application should include details of bank account and verified by concerned scholorship clerk.

    Also, mail one copy to Prof. R. S. Bramhane, Director & Incharge Principal, P.E.S.College of Engineering, Aurangabad, at principal@pescoe.co.in
    Center of Excellence
       CSI Students Branch
       Open Source Based Working Environment
       Cisco Networking Academy
       L&T Switch Gear Lab

    Events at PES
    May 2012, 52 Electronics Engineering students placed in Flash Electronics,
    17 April 2012 "Soft-Tech", Software based Projet competition organized by
       Dept.of Information Technology in collaboration with CSI Student Branch
    3 March 2012, Sukh-sanvad One Day Workshop on ocassion of woman's day
    6 February 2012, CSI Students chapter inaugurated by Prof. Munish Shrama,
        Mr. Prashant Deshpade

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